My Root Beer Collection

It's somewhat complicated, but I collect bottled Root Beer. It must be in a glass bottle, and must at least claim to be Root Beer. I collect unopened bottles, but typically purchase several of each type so I can try it as well as collect it.

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The Collection, in text

I currently have the following types of root beers:

  1. Briar's
  2. Virgil's Special Edition Bavarian Nutmeg
  3. Old Dominion
  4. Rat Bastard
  5. Jack Black's Dead Red
  6. Boyland
  7. Bedford's Gourmet
  8. Olde Philadelphia
  9. Americana Microcrafted Cream Style
  10. Henry Weinhard's Premium
  11. Route 66
  12. Genuine Hank's Philadelphia Recipe
  13. The Original Hires
  14. Dad's Classic Draft
  15. Barrel Brothers
  16. Mt. Angel Brewing Company
  17. A&W
  18. Virgil's Microbrewed
  19. All Natural Herb & Root Recipe Sarsaparilla
  20. Rich Herbal Desert Sage
  21. Mason's Keg Brewed Flavor
  22. Shenandoah Sassafras
  23. Cool Mountain Gourmet Soda
  24. Sprecher
  25. Original Stewart's Fountain Classic
  26. Sioux City
  27. Dog n Suds
  28. Frostie
  29. Pirate's Keg
  30. IBC
  31. Point Premium
  32. Thomas Kemper
  33. Natural Brew Hand Crafted Draft
  34. Abita
  35. All Natural Herb & Root Recipe Old Fashioned
  36. Dr. Brown's Draft Style
  37. Sparky's Fresh Draft
  38. Pearson Bros. of San Francisco
  39. X-Drink Root Beer Riot
  40. Milligan's Island Awesome
  41. Jones Soda Co.
  42. Watt's Old Style
  43. Buckin' Rootbeer (Jackson Hole Soda Co.)
  44. Faygo Original
  45. The Original Bulldog
  46. Trader Joe's Organic Soda
  47. Tommyknocker 1859 Original
  48. Red Ribbon Home Brewed, Micro crafted recipe
  49. AJ Stephans Old Style
  50. Fitz's Premium Micro-Brewed
  51. Bennetts Big Bear