SIL driver

The SIL (Simple Interpreted Language) is something I worked on with Jeff Moyer for a little while. It never got completed, but I finished the driver, which I'm a little proud of. It's not perfect, and someday I'm going to finish the command handling routines, but for now, at least I can make it somewhat visible.

Basically, this is a telnet connection daemon, and had the makings of a MUD driver with no library on the back end. It was written using the STL, so there are no malloc or new calls. I tried not to use pointers, but couldn't get away from them completely.

The driver is multi-threaded, has an established protocol for communication between instances of itself, parses ANSI color, and is generally pretty groovy. A limited amount of commands have been added, such as driver uptime, client connection and idle time, who, stats, and help :)

Not all the files you'd need to compile the driver are included, due to the somewhat complicated directory structure. If you are interested in a gzipped tarball of the source, please contact me.