PHP Pageslapper

Pageslapper was written by me on 15 and 16 June, 2004 out of want for a better page-hit tracker. You can track multiple pages by changing the $pageid variable in pageslapper.php. You can associate names with unique visitors, which will allow you to do things like show them "Welcome back Joe, you were last here 12 hours and 32 minutes ago". You can "ban" hosts from being counted against your visits and pageloads (I do this with search engines to get a more realistic idea of the number of real people that visit my site).

When the slapper_stats.php page is loaded, it automagically processes any previous days hits that haven't been processed yet. A running total of useragent page loads is also calculated at this time.

This is not a finished project, but it is usable as-is. I hope to finish adding an administrator interface to control hit-banning, user identification, etc, as well as easy-to-use functions to extract data as I mentioned in the first paragraph.

Pageslapper currently produces the following (poorly captured out of my browser window) output: