ForeverMUD is a modern, object-oriented C++ MUD written to use many newer programming practices.



This project has gone by many names, and for quite a long time it was only known as "MUD3", because it was the third complete rewrite of the project. In June 2010 I settled on the name "ForeverMUD", because it's taking forever to write.

Originally I attempted to build on SocketMUD, and had written an ANSI color patch for it, but I found the codebase a little too limiting. For a time, this code was a part of SIL ("Simple Interpreted Language"), a project I started with Jeff Moyer, who was writing the interpreter. After that project fell to the wayside, I took it upon myself to learn POSIX threads, and added threading. Since then many additional features have been added, and most of them have been a learning experience for me.


As mentioned before, SocketMUD gave me direction early on as I was trying to get the big picture into my mind. I'd like to thank Brian B. Graversen ( for writing and maintaining it. The only idea I glommed from SocketMUD was the separate threaded reverse-DNS lookup, because it was such a good idea!

Many ideas were also born out of reading Designing Virtual Worlds by Richard Bartle.


I'd like to thank Richard Bartle and Roy Trubshaw for their foresight in pioneering virtual worlds. Dr. Bartle also deserves thanks for treating my wife and I to fish and chips and a personal tour of London. I hope to be able to return the favor some day.

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