Welcome, filthy Earthenoids, to Scurvy Jake's Invader Zim Sound Page of Doom. These .wav files have been extracted directly from DVD. Use the WAVs on your computer and upload the mp3s to your phone and use them as Invader Zim mp3 Ringtones (That's what I do). If you have any special requests, send me a message with the quote and the episode it's from and I'll try to get it for you as soon as I can!

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25 May 2010
This site was InvaderCON's ZIM Website of the Day today! Are you going??
16 Dec 2009
Very busy. Haven't had time to process requests, but I have them saved up. Sorry, but this is just a hobby for me.
10 June 2009
The offer is over. If you missed out, sorry for you.
8 June 2009
Rikki Simons, the voice of GIR, needs your help! This is a very limited-time offer, go here for details.
13 April 2009
I have been busy lately, and I've got a list of quotes to get at. I haven't forgotten you! I'll try to get new quotes up in the next few days.
03 March 2009
You can now buy prints of Eliza (and other original artwork) at Rikki Simons' Etsy shop
25 Feb 2009
Sorry I have to brag about this, but I just bought an original painting from Rikki Simons, the voice of GIR. I'm totally jacked.
20 Feb 2009
I caught up on all requests the other day. I'm not going to be able to list them all, but if you've made a request recently, it should be in the database now.
18 Feb 2009
I've had a little time off lately, and have several requests to catch up on today. I'm going to try to get them all done today. I've also gotten an outpouring of thanks and nice messages from several people: goninjago, lola, gman, ambyr, and 3dradio. Thank you, all for your nice messages. 3Dradio, I know what you mean—I'm an older Invader Zim fan (well, older than average, I suppose, I turn 36 in about 2 weeks). Some of these sounds have also been featured in a music mix: listen to it here.
6 Jan 2009
I have been processing several more requests today and have a few more to do tomorrow. WaitingForTheRain's problem was fixed (thanks for letting me know about it!) and the file is now available. GIR's "I loved-ed you piggy" quote is available, just search for loved-ed or go to the Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy episode list and find it that way. Adamis asked for the complete Doom Song, I spliced parts one and two together (they span chapters on the DVD) and it's there now, too. Woody asked for the ending Santa speech from The Most Horrible X-Mas Ever, it's ready as well. Dan asked for Gaz's "Give me the vampire piggies!" quote from Game Slave 2, it's done. frjmb asked for Dib's "I have a pencil up my nose" quote from Room With A Moose, it was done a long time ago—search for pencil.
26 Dec 2008 Update 2
WaitingForTheRain pointed out a problem with a sound file in Tak The Hideous New Girl. I'm looking in to it, but it may take a couple days to get fixed because I have limited access to the server until Monday.
26 Dec 2008
Danielle sent a nice message the other day thanking me for putting this site together. Thanks, Danielle!
23 Dec 2008 Update 11
Phew! Got through all of them! Jay requested the "You brought me here" speech from Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom, and two quotes from Battle of the Planets. Merry Christmas!
23 Dec 2008 Update 10
Caitlin (I always liked that name…) asked for sounds from the Halloween and Christmas episodes. I know it's taking a long time for me to get everything done, but I will get them eventually. Since it's almost Christmas already, I'm not going to have them done. Technically the next one I should work on is Game Slave 2 (IGGINS!), but I may jump out of sequence and do those episodes. I promise they'll be done in time for 2009's Halloween and Christmas, okay?
23 Dec 2008 Update 9
Since I'm on a roll here, I did another one. Ben asked for the Meats of Evil chant from Bolognius Maximus, as well as Zim "allowing Tak to be interested" in him. They're both in the database, now.
23 Dec 2008 Update 8
Ryan asked for the opening music. That's under Misc, or you can search for "theme" or "theme song."
23 Dec 2008 Update 7
Danielle also asked for Zim calling to the Tallest over and over in Backseat Drivers From Beyond the Stars. That's a popular one, and it's been copied to the database since nobody reads these history notes. Seriously, why do I bother?
23 Dec 2008 Update 6
Jurnigan asked for Mooshy from Vindicated saying Spoopty, you crazy!. I had to look up the character names for the right spelling, I had no idea what that dude's name was…
23 Dec 2008 Update 5
Woody asked if there's a way to download all the sound clips. The answer is no, and I'm not going to make it any easier. I used to allow it, but it was subject to rampant abuse. And honestly—are you really going to use all of them? No, you're not. So don't use up my bandwidth. I don't get anything out of this (well, in 2008 I made $0.40—forty cents—through Amazon referrals. That doesn't cover bandwidth cost, not to mention my own time). So sorry, but no, I won't provide a giant download of everything. It would be over 1.1Gb!
23 Dec 2008 Update 4
I got a request from Joe for Zim calling the Tallest over and over. I extracted that bit on 28 Nov 2006 Update 2, but never put it in the database. That issue has been fixed now.
23 Dec 2008 Update 3
Alice asked for GIR's Goodbyes to the squid policeman in GIR Goes Crazy And Stuff, it's up now, too.
23 Dec 2008 Update 2
I'm working from the oldest request to the newest. First is Liz's request for GIR's wishlist (the whole thing) from The Most Horrible X-Mas Ever. It's there now!
23 Dec 2008
I've got a lot of requests to catch up on, I'll try to get them out shortly, sorry for the delays. We've had the worst weather lately.
13 Nov 2008
adamis requested GIR's gobble-noise from Megadoomer. It was quick and is now under the Megadoomer episode.
9 July 2008
I'm leaving on vacation until the first week of August. New requests will be redirected to a holding bin until I get back.
7 July 2008
I extracted sounds from Megadoomer and added them to the database.
3 July 2008
I've got several requests to take care of, sorry about the delay everyone. I'll be leaving on vacation next week and will be gone for almost a month, so requests will be sidetracked starting next week. I've extracted Zim saying "I don't remember programming that" from The Girl Who Cried Gnome for Patricia. Someone named Jenn (I think) requested GIR saying Hi floor! Make me a sammich! from GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff—it's already in the database! Use the search feature and look for "floor". I'm also going to try to extract Megadoomer quotes for John and Dex.
11 June 2008
I extracted sounds from FBI Warning of Doom and added them to the database. Luthy asked for "No! No! We're Normal! We're Normal!" from Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars. I'm looking that one up now. Justin asked for GIR saying "I love the little tacos. I love them good." I think that's on Invasion of the Idiot Dog Brain if I remember right. I love that quote. It's in the database under the Shut your noise tube file. Loki asked for Zim's computer saying "Processing! Processing!" That sound is already in the database too, it's under Attack of the Saucer Morons.
GIR on the phone
30 May 2008
Selerzly requested the Tallest saying You quit being banished?. Kim asked for GIR saying I do and I don't know, all from episode one. They're all online now. Some anonymous person asked for Slab Rankle quotes. FBI Warning of Doom is the next episode on my extraction list. Check back shortly!
19 May 2008
TauronNox requested GIR saying Why is his head so big from Door to Door. Scott has asked for GIR saying What's that? right after the Doom Song in The Nightmare Begins. I already did GIR saying "ooh, what's that" and it's already in episode 1's list.
16 May 2008
I extracted all interesting sounds from Hamstergeddon and snickered at all the silly jokes. 726 sounds and counting! The weenie tempts you!
14 May 2008
I got a request this morning from Scott asking for GIR saying "What's that" right after the Doom Song in The Nightmare Begins. It's extracted and available now.
12 May 2008 Update 2
I've taken care of the first two requests, and extracted all interesting sounds from Dib's Wonderful Life of Doom.
12 May 2008
I have several requests I'm going to try to get to shortly. Cami asked for "Reign of terror, Gaz! Reign of terror! from Bloaty's Pizza Hog. Jason is looking for GIR self destructing in Dib's Wonderful Life of Doom. K wants Now watch me amaze you 2 seconds long instead of one. I'm going to have to figure out what that is. Richard has asked for mp3s of the music from the bonus disk.
28 April 2008
JJ asked for a quote from the very first episode, "GIR Reporting for Duty"—let me see if I can get it out quick for you. Okay, it's done. Wasn't that quick?
1 Apr 2008 Update 2
I extracted the "I'm a regular kid! I just want to eat grubs." sound from Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy for echofuzz. Enjoy!
1 Apr 2008
Been really busy lately. Trying to get a few sounds for people that have been requested. H.A. let me know about a problem with a sound file, "You're Lying!" from Rise of the Zitboy, I fixed it. Thanks!
20 Mar 2008 Update 2
I extracted all sounds from Planet Jackers, including the quote for echofuzz.
20 Mar 2008
Things have been busy lately. I got a request from echofuzz for quotes from Planet Jackers and Bad Bad Rubber Piggy. I'm working on them now.
1 Mar 2008
I've had several requests lately, but haven't had the time to dig them up. I will get to them, please be patient. In the meantime, I've found that the quote "My Spleen" from Nano Zim isn't there, although I have it in the database. I'll get that fixed.
14 Jan 2008
I extracted the end credits song from the first episode and added it to the database.
9 Jan 2008
I extracted all sounds from The Sad, Sad Tale of Chickenfoot and added them to the database. Still working on the others.
8 Jan 2008
I got a request from Holly for Come back Chickenfoot!, I'll get right on it! Kathy also requested the ending song from Invader Zim, I'll try to get that real quick, too.
21 Dec 2007
I got a request from Kenneth for Walk of Doom "the melodi" (sic) at 11:17. By all means, if you can provide a time index that will help me locate the sound you are looking for. But, as mentioned in my previous note, I'm out of town until the 28th. I'll get it for you as soon as I can.
18 Dec 2007
I'm in Houston, TX to visit my wife's family for Christmas, and won't be able to respond to any requests (I have two pending) until I get back home. I'll try to get everything done as soon as I get back, right around the New Year.
3 Dec 2007
I got a request from Kattie for the Santa song (I already had that up), and "We wish you a merry jiggly" by GIR from the same episode. Added them to the database just now, enjoy!
21 Nov 2007 Update 2
I also extracted all sounds from A Room With a Moose. I love that episode and I hated corn and mayonnaise day.
21 Nov 2007
I extracted all sounds from Plague of Babies because it was slow at work today. :) And for Ryan.
14 Nov 2007 Update 2
I extracted sounds from the Bloaty's Pizza Hog episode. The database is up to 550 sounds now. Let me tell you right now—NOBODY has more Invader Zim sounds out there than there are right here. Plus, I do requests :)
14 Nov 2007
I got a request from Ryan for Bloaty's Pizza Hog episode "at the end when they defeat the dude". I'm working on it.
8 Nov 2007
I got a request from Charles for "Dance with us GIR, dance with us into oblivion" from GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff—coming right up!

All interesting (to me, anyway) sounds have been extracted from this episode now, enjoy!
7 Nov 2007
I got a request from Ryan for GIR's "Aww, I was hoping it would explode", but I don't know what episode it came from. If I can find it, I'll get it on today. If not, please send another message with the episode name.
25 Oct 2007 Update 2
I finally got around to fixing the File Details section's transcription. It bothered me that the pre tags made you scroll over forever for long quotes. I added some CSS to word-wrap longer lines and things are looking shiny!
25 Oct 2007
I got another request from Blake for some more sounds. I ended up extracting them and just about everything else interesting from Zim Eats Waffles. Search the episode record for details.
19 Oct 2007
I got a request from Blake for "These got peanuts and soap in them" from Zim Eats Waffles. I love that episode. Anyway, it's up on the episode search now. Enjoy!
18 Oct 2007 Update 2
I got a request from Greg last night for GIR's monologue in Bad Bad Rubber Piggy. I'm pretty sure that's the whole "If you destroy Dib in the past, then he won't be your enemy and you won't have to send a robot back into the past and then he will…" I added it to the Bad Bad Rubber Piggy episode, it's the last one in the search list now.
18 Oct 2007
Sorry for the delay, added the two sounds for Blake in the Mortos episode. Choose it and hit search for the files.
6 Oct 2007
I got two requests last night from Blake for Mortos: "Yes vermin lord" and "I had a sammich in my head". I'm going to be in San Francisco for the next week, but should be able to get it done quickly when I get back.
28 Sep 2007
This site is now running on a 10Mb fiber optic connection, woohoo!
12 Sep 2007
I copied the 8 Jan 2007 update WAV files into their proper directory. If I ignore your request, it might be because I already extracted the sound and you haven't searched the database (or this Update News section) first. I do try to process requests in a couple of days, though. Even if you don't hear from me.
30 July 2007
Extracted sounds from Bad Bad Rubber Piggy and converted to mp3.
25 July 2007
Went through Invasion of the Idiot Dog Brain episode and extracted sounds. Added to the database and mp3-encoded.
23 July 2007 Update 2
Okay my little stink filthies, another big update for you. That's two in one day. I added MP3 links for all the WAV sounds. [/me waits for cheers]
23 July 2007
I told you I'd fix it—I found the problem with Explorer and everything works great now. Have fun using the new AJAX interface. Sorry about the lack of graphics, I'm better at the back-end stuff.
20 July 2007
I've written a whole new set of pages for this site. Everything runs over AJAX now.
15 July 2007
A new request came in from Sarule for the Rain Song from The Wettening. I'm working on it right now!
2 July 2007
Sorry for the delays, had a few problems. I re-extracted Disk 1 chapter 16 (first half of Walk of Doom). Also received requests from Tony for "Yay, brains!" from Tak the Hideous New Girl and "That's not a human, that's a gopher" from Abducted. Coming right up!
1 June 2007
I found a problem where I was not getting requests for sounds. If you have recently requested a sound and I haven't gotten back to you, please re-request it now. Sorry for the trouble.
18 May 2007
Just got a message from Watergod, thanks, GIR is my favorite too. I think GIR is just about everyone's favorite. Be sure to visit Rikki Simons' weblog, he does GIR's voice.
10 May 2007
I added a couple of sounds from The Most Horrible XMas Ever episode, GIR quotes of "I want me two balls of glue to be my friend" and "I want to go dancing naked!". Enjoy.
9 May 2007 Update 2
The You gonna make biscuits WAVs are up in The Girl Who Cried Gnome episode sound list. Click Episode above and select it, then hit Search!
9 May 2007
I got two recent requests for sounds, but haven't had time to get them up yet. I'll try to get them today. Requests from Samantha for "Oh, my bees!" from Walk of Doom, and from Popedanei for "You gonna make biscuits?" from The Girl Who Cried Gnome. The second one's easy, I already have it extracted, just not posted! One minor setback, though, I had a problem encoding chapter 16 from the first DVD, which is the first half of Walk of Doom, so I can't extract more sounds until I re-rip it. I'll try to do that tomorrow.
30 Apr 2007
Marpy asked for GIR's "Hiiiii" in Attack of the Saucer Morons, I'll have it shortly! How was that for fast, it's up on the Episode page, just search for the Attack of the Saucer Morons episode.
11 Apr 2007 Update 2
I extracted the sounds, plus a couple extra, from Tak, the Hideous New Girl. Click Episode above and select it to see what's available. I'm not sure if the computer quote is the right one. My last rip from the DVD for that episode has some goofy sound problem, I'll have to re-rip before I can get anything from Volume 3 Disk 1 Chapter 11.
11 Apr 2007
I have two requests, both from Samantha for Tak's laugh (the entire bit), and one of Zim saying "Computer! Computer". I'll get on them soon.
2 Apr 2007
I got a request from William for "It's me, I was the turkey all along!" by GIR (it's from Backseat Drivers From Beyond the Stars). I added them (there are two sounds) to the database (choose Episode, then Backseat Drivers), you can also get them here and here.
28 Mar 2007
I got a request from Robert for "Praise me" from GIR in GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff. So here it is: praise_me.wav and the longer meat_testing.wav. Enjoy!
27 Mar 2007
I realized that the main search page's download link for each sound was not correct. Apparently nobody noticed this?? The download link on the details page worked fine, though. Perhaps that's why. Anyway, I received a request for the Doom Song from Deanna, which comes off the DVD in two parts (it spans chapters on the DVD). I don't know why I skipped extracting them originally, but I've got them now. You can get doom song and doom song part 2 from the first episode now.
19 Mar 2007
I'm back from vacation, and got a request while I was gone from Stephanie for the closing theme. I've extracted it: wav mp3. They typically have a special quote at the end, I've chosen the Salted Nuts! GIR quote from the last DVD because it's one of my favorite.
28 Feb 2007
I am going on vacation with my wife from March 3rd through March 17th and will not be able to accept requests. Mediterranean cruise here we come!
12 Feb 2007
I got two requests from "Ingela" for The Nightmare Begins: Incoming transmissions from...Earth, and Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy: I Demand Piggies! (and the slightly longer version), coming right up!
6 Feb 2007 Update 2
I've got things back up and running smoothly. Also fixed a couple of problems with sounds in the database I'd never noticed before. Sounds are now organized in subdirectories by episode. Extracted sounds from "Germs" and added them to the database. Added Search by Episode functionality. Episodes are numbered by the order they play from the DVDs. I also extracted WAVs from the rest of the episodes on the first disk! Woohoo, one down!
6 Feb 2007
I'm refactoring some code and overhauling the database, things might not be available for a little while. It shouldn't take long, though.
5 Feb 2007 Update 3
I've finished transcoding all AVIs, and have organized them by episode along with the entire WAV extraction file, this will make finding soundbytes much easier. It only took a couple of minutes to get today's file for Wayne. I guess all this up-front work is paying off.
5 Feb 2007 Update 2
Just for Wayne, here is the Long version and the short version of "Intruder".
5 Feb 2007
I got a request this weekend from "Wayne" for Gir and Gaz in Bloaty's saying "Intruder! Ok...he's over there". I'll get on it.
30 Jan 2007 Update 2
Disk 3, Title 4, Chapter 21 didn't rip correctly and I will have to re-rip the VOB. This is the second of four chapters in Battle of the Planets. If any requests come in for this section, they will be delayed until a new rip has been done.
30 Jan 2007
Began transcoding Disk 4 (5 and 6 are done and organized). Continued reorganizing WAV extracts into directories named after the episodes with their AVIs to make it easier to find quotes. Also created I'm gonna hug you and I'm gonna hug you (without final scream) for "Romas".
26 Jan 2007 Update 3
I WAV encoded all the episodes on disks 5 and 6, and AVI encoded all disk 6 to help me find quotes faster. I'm currently working on AVI encoding disk 5. No, you cannot have the AVIs, go buy the DVDs yourself. The new Invader Zim Fan Pack DVD is available from Amazon, the whole series for under $20. You can buy it directly by clicking the link up above.
26 Jan 2007 Update 2
I also got a request from "Throbulator" for I got monkeys in me (GIR), hope you like it!
26 Jan 2007
I got a request on the 21st from "Tom" requesting Taquitos, and a clown with no head ala GIR. Since it took me a couple days, and I was there anyway, here is You get my taquitos yet? (also GIR). Enjoy!
11 Jan 2007
I'm giving this page a facelift, ignore the weird formatting until I get it fixed. If you have any good ZIMages, let me know.
10 Jan 2007 Update 2
I think I have the right laugh for you: laugh WAV and laugh mp3. While I was in that file, I also snipped without you the operation would crumble, and destruction is nice.
10 Jan 2007
I just got a request from "seishin kitsune" for the Tallest laugh from Battle of the Planets, I'll get to work on it.
8 Jan 2007
Just for Gingasan, here they are! badself.wav and badself.mp3, and the longer versions with Dib's retort: badself-long.wav and badself-long.mp3. The whole quote was "Go home and shave your giant head of smell with your bad self". Enjoy!
4 Jan 2007
I got a request from Gingasan for Backseat Drivers "Go wash your giant head of smell", I'll get it for you soon :)
29 Dec 2006
Fixed a problem with index 93 sound "I must have punch now", spoken by Zim in Episode 2 - Parent Teacher night.
28 Nov 2006 Update 2
I snipped the "My Tallest" bit from Backseat Drivers, but I lost the contact information to get back to the person that requested it. I hope he/she comes back and finds it: tallest.wav | tallest.mp3. You may want to reencode them to a lower size, the .wav is pretty large. File is about 51 seconds. Update: I got a message from Trine, who originally requested this file with thanks. So it may take me a few days to get something up, but I really will do it if I can...
28 Nov 2006
I finally got around to ripping some video, and in the Holiday Spirit, present to you the Santa Song as an mp3 ringtone—bow down!
17 Nov 2006
I got my first request for a WAV from the beginning of Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars. I'll get to work on it!
20 Jun 2006
I re-ripped chapter 16 from disk 1 and WAV-encoded it. Snipped sound bytes from it and posted them today. Also posted the extracted sound bytes from chapter 17. Enjoy.
19 May 2006
Added .wav files for Invader Zim disk 1 chapter 15 that I extracted on March 22 2006. I am missing the rip from chapter 16, though, and won't proceed until I re-rip it. Chapters 17-30 are all ripped and .wavs have been extracted.
10 March 2006
Added a modification page so I can fix any typos, etc. Also added Episode information to all .wav files.
9 March 2006
Finished adding all sounds from the first 14 chapters (midway in Parent Teacher Night episode) of Disk 1 to the database. There are currently 82 Invader Zim .wav files available.
8 March 2006
My birthday! I added a few more files to the database, took the afternoon off.
7 March 2006
I continued refining these web pages, finished extracting audio from the first 14 chapters of Disk 1. I also continued to add individual .wav files to the database.
6 March 2006
I extracted all audio from the first Invader Zim DVD set (both disks). There are 31 chapters on the first disk and 25 chapters on the second disk. I began extracting clips (with the help of audacity) . I began writing PHP pages for this site also.