Ancestors of A. Jacob Cord


32. Aquilla Donovan Cord

Family letters in possession of Laurel Riddle
1850 Census Green, Parke, IN, p.425

42. John Harvey

12 Dec 1816 - 24 Jul 1887
BIRTH: 12 Dec 1816, Lancestershire,Scotland
DEATH: 24 Jul 1887, Heber,,Utah
Family 1 : Eliza AVERETT <../d0001/g0000092.html>
MARRIAGE: 31 Mar 1841, Payson,Adams,Illinois
Frances Robert HARVEY <../d0001/g0000034.html>
Alexander Murray HARVEY <../d0002/g0000033.html>
George Gill HARVEY <../d0001/g0000032.html>
John McDonald HARVEY <../d0002/g0000031.html>
Adelia HARVEY <../d0001/g0000062.html>
Adelbert HARVEY <../d0000/g0000062.html>
Eliza Jane HARVEY <../d0001/g0000059.html>
+Margaret Ann HARVEY <../d0002/g0000044.html>
James HARVEY <../d0002/g0000059.html>
Family 2 : Anne COOP <../d0001/g0000051.html>
Esther Coop HARVEY <../d0001/g0000039.html>
Jannett HARVEY <../d0001/g0000038.html>
Rhoda HARVEY <../d0000/g0000049.html>
Alice HARVEY <../d0001/g0000059.html>
Richard Coop HARVEY <../d0001/g0000048.html>
William HARVEY <../d0000/g0000002.html>
Iretta HARVEY <../d0001/g0000001.html>

[181] BIOGRAPHY: John Harvey married Eliza Averett, the 5th child of John and Jennett Gill. He was born in Lancestershire, Scotland on December 12, 1816. He was raised in Canada and had joined the Mormon Church there. While living in Payson County, Illinois he married Eliza. They had eight children, with only three children living to maturity. Their daughter Margaret Ann was the only child to have any posterity as her two living brothers never married. Eliza died in childbirth of her eighth child on 4 Jan 1853 in Cottonwood Creek in Salt Lake County and is buried in Salt Lake City, Utah. After the death of Eliza, John married Anne Coop, a widow with one or two children. Anne Coop was English by birth. Soon after they moved to Provo Valley and raised a large family of seven children. In 1881 he was living in Heber, Utah, as a farmer. He died in Heber, Utah (Center Creek four miles from Heber) on July 24, 1887. Source: Margaret Ross Whitman of Salt Lake City, Utah , a grandaughter of John Harvey. John Harvey took an active part in the military operations during the Johnson Army trouble in Utah. He also hauled some of the stone that went into the foundation of the Salt Lake Temple. He was part of the party who went back to meet the belated handcart companies in 1856. Source: Millie Albison

44. Joseph James

Joseph took the maiden name of his mother and was known as James, Joseph all his life (also his familyl went by this surname).

Family records in possession of May Jones, Ogden, UT
Research by H.C.M. Austen of Minehead, Smrst, England
Rec in the Genealogical Lib of research done by them and the SL Tmpl rec.