Looting Portland
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First watch, 1 bell (8:52 pm)

I drove home from Portland today with several hundred pounds of loot. About as much as my car would carry. On our first day there we managed to hit all the big places we wanted to visit: Bob's Red Mill, Powell's City of Books, and IKEA. We stocked up on grains from Bob's, 50 pounds of flour, 25 pound bags of Scottish oatmeal, coconut granola, cream of wheat, and 10 grain cereal. We also picked up a dozen or so of the small 1 pound bags of things like black currants, coconut flour, wheat gluten, potato flour, sea salt, muesli, etc.

From Powell's we bought a couple of shopping bags full of books. We mostly buy used, so it's not as expensive as it sounds. IKEA provided two new DVD shelves (we are running out of room on our existing ones), and a few random parts I can hack together to make a good shower rack to hold shampoo, soap, etc. We also picked up a table for Lorien's uncle.

Aside from that, we bought some dry egg noodles at Costco (they stopped carrying them at our Costco in Cd'A!), some chocolate from Bernard Callebaut Chocolates (very tasty), and a couple of bags of assorted goodies from Trader Joe's. We also found some of our favorite Finnish licorice treats we didn't think we'd see outside of Finland at the World Market store near my mom's (score!) along with a couple of 4-packs of root beer I've never seen before.

All in all, it was a fun trip. I just wish it wasn't such a long drive…

Vacation Time!
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Morning watch, 6 bells (7:21 am)

This week Lorien and I are going on a mini-vacation. We're leaving home and driving to Portland, which is perhaps our most common "vacation" spot. But we won't stop there! We'll visit my grandparents near Eugene, and drive up the coast to try to have the most relaxing time possible. Sushi will be consumed, and places will be visited. Our plans include the Tillamook Cheese Factory and Bob's Red Mill. I think we might even get roped in to babysitting. Woot! Oops, I think I got a little too excited for that last bit.

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Portland Again?!
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Forenoon watch, 5 bells (10:30 am)

We're heading to Portland this afternoon to spend Thanksgiving with some family. Technically, the festivities are in Coburg, but we'll be staying in Portland (on an extremely small spare bed I might add). We're looking forward to a trip to Powell's and all the other food-related places we like to visit in Portland (Otto's Sausage Kitchen, Marinepolis Sushi Land, etc etc). Oh yeah, and we'll eat turkey too!

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Morning Visitors
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Forenoon watch, 2 bells (9:10 am)

We had visitors this morning:
two deer on Mt. Scott in Portland OR

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Free Cadillac
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Middle watch, 2 bells (1:05 am)

Today I had the opportunity to do something for the first time: I left a new Cadillac at the Portland airport unlocked with the keys inside. I also forgot to take my driver's license with me. The car had 1980 miles on it. No plates. I was really hoping I wouldn't get pulled over, my answers would have been pretty suspicious…

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Getting Ready
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Afternoon watch, 6 bells (3:04 pm)

Today I'm doing a bunch of things around the house so we can leave for Portland on Monday. We'll be staying for a whole week! My cousin is getting married next Saturday in Coburg. We'll also take an afternoon to visit my grandparents near Eugene. Maybe even take a trip to the coast!

I should also have some time to continue working on my MUD project. I haven't had much time this week. Now that most of the issues I've had with the yaml-cpp library have been worked out I'm able to begin working on conversion to the YAML format.

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