PAX Madness
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Afternoon watch, 7 bells (3:30 pm)

Well we survived PAX 2009 in Seattle. It was pretty crazy, and there were tons of sweaty, nerdy gamers all over the place.

We met several famous people there, including Wil Wheaton (of Star Trek TNG fame), Steve Jackson, Jonathan Coulton, and Jhonen Vasquez.

We played several new board games, some that aren't even available yet. My favorite was Nanuk which we'll be ordering as soon as possible. The Stars are Right was also really fun, although a little bit harder to get started with. I don't mean this in a bad way, though. It's just such a different type of game than I've played before. Well-worth learning and playing.

We also got two Waiting For Santa packs for Munchkin. They still aren't available for purchase through normal venues, but they had a very limited quantity available at PAX. I was too late to get any of the Fairy Dust packs.

We also met the folks from Flying Frog Productions, creators of Last Night On Earth. We met the actors that play Sally and Jake and got autographed photos from them. We also picked up the expansion for LNOE and preordered three new expansions coming out later this year.

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Munchkin Death!
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Afternoon watch, 8 bells (4:29 pm)

Today at lunch we played Munchkin Booty (Susan won). I would have won, had I not encountered a level 50 jellyfish!

I was at level 9 (you win when you hit level 10), so I would have won had I not got clobbered by cards.

In the fray were the following:

Ergo, ((5+4+3)x2)x2 = 48, plus 2 for the Jellyfish's original rating. A level 50 Jellyfish! Holy Carp! See the evil hand here (insert obligatory crappy iPhone camera disclosure here).

Fortunately I rolled a 5 and ran away! Ha!

PS If you don't know about Munchkin, I highly recommend it as a great card game to play with friends.

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Munchkin Friday
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Afternoon watch, 4 bells (2:13 pm)

Today was Munchkin Friday. Susan and Sarah teamed up at the last minute to pull a double-win on the rest of us.

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