Why Dwarf Fortress is Awesome
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First watch, 4 bells (10:01 pm)

I've been playing Dwarf Fortress lately, and it has really sucked up my spare (ie, sleep time. Apologies for the width issues, and if your screen isn't big enough to see the whole thing as intended.

I have a fortress that's going pretty good right now for being new to the game. As I was poking around looking at what my dwarves were doing, I ran across this wall engraving:
Dwarf Fortress engraving explanation

Now this was funny enough, but you don't know the whole story. Here's a description of the female dwarf in question:
Dwarf Fortress dwarf description

Stoney hates mussels! Hahahah! The only thing that would have been funnier is if the engraving had been done in Stoney's room. But I changed room assignments so now it is.

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