DVD to WAV in Linux
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I've been looking for a simple way to extract WAV audio from a DVD in Linux, and today I have found it, through only two simple programs: dvd::rip and mplayer—here's how:

Step 1: Use dvd::rip to extract the VOB file to a temporary directory.
Step 2: execute the command mplayer -vc null -vo null -aid 128 -ao pcm:fast:waveheader:file=file.wav file.vob

That's it, very simple. Just like I said. From here you can use your favorite encoder to get it in mp3 format, or whatever you want. I use LAME, which is simply: lame -h sample.wav sample.mp3.

If you want to transcode your VOB files into AVIs (xvid codec), here's the command that dvd::rip uses:
transcode -H 10 -a 0 -x vob -i /path/to/directory/of/vobs/ -w 9000,50 -b 128,0,2 -s 2.254 --a52_drc_off -f 30,4 -M 2 -Y 4,4,4,4 -B 1,11,8 -R 2 -y xvid -o /path/to/destination/file.avi --print_status 25

Not what I'd call the most friendly of commands, but hey, it works.

30 May 2007 Update:
I've had a problem sucking a chapter off of a DVD, and found that dvd::rip didn't do the best job all the time, so I executed the command by hand that it runs for you and it worked fine. So if, like me, you have problems extracting some chapter sometime, try the following command:
execflow -n 19 tccat -t dvd -T 4,17,1 -i /dev/hda | dvdrip-splitpipe -f /path/to/tmp/file-nav.log 1024 /path/to/vob/directory vob | tcextract -a 0 -x ac3 -t vob | tcdecode -x ac3 | tcscan -x pcm && echo EXECFLOW_OK

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