Public Speaking Suggestion
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Forenoon watch, 6 bells (11:10 am)

If you give a speech in public, don't start it out with "I didn't really prepare anything to say."

Even if you really didn't. People (like me) instantly lose focus and stop caring when you admit you didn't take the time to prepare.

Got 18 1/2 Minutes?
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First dog watch, 4 bells (6:24 pm)

Might I recommend Nebula Nominee Ruth Nestvold's Mars: A Traveler's Guide from StarShipSofa?

Caution: Two semi-f-bombs, but this story was funny and well worth the few minutes it takes to listen to.

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Miracle Treat Day
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Forenoon watch, 3 bells (9:59 am)

Today is Miracle Treat Day at Dairy Queen—every Blizzard you buy gets a donation to the Children's Miracle Network hospital, so go treat yourself and help someone at the same time!

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Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi
Forenoon watch, 3 bells (9:31 am)

I started watching a new Anime show last night, called Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi, and it was pretty darn funny. At least it started out that way, the first 5 episodes I kept laughing out loud. I don't know if it was getting less funny or I was getting more tired, but the next couple weren't as interesting. One of the early episodes, maybe episode 2, was a funny parody of Final Fantasy-type games. I'll talk more about the rest of the series after I've seen it, but I can recommend the first disk as a pretty funny one. Lots of getting hit in the head with a paper fan, which I never got tired of in Saiyuki. Which reminds me, I'm going to write about what happened to Saiyuki.

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Anime: Desert Punk
Forenoon watch, 4 bells (10:02 am)

I picked up the first DVD of Desert Punk last Friday. Their main website is down for some reason. Probably because they don't have me as a sysadmin.

But that's beside the point. Desert Punk was funny, and had tons of great lines. I watched the first episode and was hooked. It made me glad I picked up the collector's edition (it was only $5 more). I would recommend this to anyone after Saiyuki. If you haven't watched Saiyuki you have no business watching any other anime until you do. But after that, check out Desert Punk. And get in to Fullmetal Alchemist as well, it's got an awesome story.

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Finished “Bunnies”
Forenoon watch, 3 bells (9:54 am)

I finished the book I was reading: The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse. I liked it. It certainly wasn't the funniest book I've ever read, but it was quite entertaining, and a very fun read. The jokes weren't clever enough to make me laugh out loud, but that doesn't mean it wasn't good. Like I mentioned before, don't expect it to be a Douglas Adams clone and you'll enjoy it. I especially enjoyed the Jack-in-the-box's religious views of the universe. So go pick it up if you run out of things to read. It's worth it.

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Good Book Find
Forenoon watch, 4 bells (10:29 am)

While at Hastings on Saturday, I ran across a book that piqued my curiosity, so I bought it, and it's pretty funny:
The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse, by Robert Rankin. It's got mixed reviews on Amazon, probably because people expect it to be exactly like a Douglas Adams book or some such nonsense. And the author Jasper Fforde (sounds like a pen name to me) is mentioned several times, but I've never read any of his books. Perhaps I'll look in to one.

Anyway, the book is full of witty banter and bad puns, but I was hooked from the first page. It's a very different story about a young man that goes to the city to make his fortune, only to find out it's "Toy City", and there's a serial killer on the loose, offing popular nursery rhyme characters. Humpty Dumpty is the first to get it, boiled in his high-rise apartment's swimming pool.

Despite the bad puns and dry humor (or perhaps because of them), I've read more than half the book already, and hope to finish it soon. So give it a try, you just might like it.