Why I Hate Koalas
Afternoon watch, 7 bells (3:57 pm)

I've hated koalas for years. People say they're cute and fuzzy, but they're disgusting creatures. Just watch this, and enjoy the MST3K commentary with it.


If you have the National Geographic Channel (unlike me, who cut the cable years ago), they're having RiffTrax (MST3K) over on April Fool's Day.

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Would You?
Posted in Creepiness
First watch, 4 bells (10:20 pm)

Creepy place for free hugs

I for one would take that chance.

(Thanks to Eric Trueheart for posting this picture where I could see it!)

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Forget Garden Gnomes
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Afternoon watch, 2 bells (1:10 pm)

You need a Garden Zombie!

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LED Throwie Rat
Afternoon watch, 2 bells (1:22 pm)

I like the idea of LED throwies: a small battery, magnet, and an LED taped together. The light is on until the battery runs down (takes a while with an LED), and the magnet lets it stick to something so you can throw it up high.

But the LED Throwie Rat takes the cake! It uses the same principles, but instead of tape to hold everything together it uses a taxidermied rat!

I can't get a picture out of my head of someone trying to figure out how to take one down from an overhead freeway sign.

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An Awful Vision
Posted in Creepiness
Forenoon watch, 5 bells (10:49 am)

I just had an awful vision of a horrible, doomed future where Google leaves Sesame Street 40th Anniversary images up all year long like a Disneyland anniversary. *shudder*!

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Best Time of the Year
Posted in Creepiness
Afternoon watch, 3 bells (1:41 pm)

To whack somebody, that is: Dead man on balcony ignored.

A 75-year-old dead man sat decomposing on his Marina del Rey balcony for days because neighbors thought the body was part of a Halloween display and didn’t call police.

I'll just file that away as useful information if I ever flip out and need to hide a body—do it around Halloween!

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A Long Time Ago
Posted in Creepiness
Morning watch, 6 bells (7:06 am)

Anybody else notice the similarities between this and this?


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Like a Shotgun Blast
Posted in Creepiness
First dog watch, 1 bell (4:48 pm)

If you're easily grossed out, you should skip this post…you have been warned.

I had a bathroom gross-out moment earlier today. Somehow, someone pooped on the back rim of the toilet. I don't know how they got it there with the seat down unless it came out like shotgun shot. I mean seriously, how do you do that?? I had to go use the other bathroom. Nasty.

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Are They Evil?
Posted in Creepiness
Afternoon watch, 1 bell (12:46 pm)

You be the judge: Cats that look like Hitler.com.

"Kitlers," hehe. I really can't make up stuff that's weirder…

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Do Not Want
Posted in Creepiness
Afternoon watch, 2 bells (1:19 pm)

…one of these this close to me.

This is a coconut crab

You can read more about coconut crabs here.

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Proof That Spam is Evil
Posted in Creepiness
Afternoon watch, 4 bells (2:29 pm)

Why Spam is Evil

Any questions?

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Funniest Thing I Heard All Month
Posted in Creepiness
Afternoon watch, 3 bells (1:44 pm)

Today I heard what I imagine will be the funniest thing I'll hear this month, at least.

I wish my lawn was emo, that way it would cut itself

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Rising Above Poverty
Posted in Creepiness
Afternoon watch, 6 bells (3:20 pm)

What better way to get a leg up on the world than to sell cat feces to foreigners for over $100 per pound.

What scares me more is that people actually buy and drink this sh!t crap stuff.

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More New Pictures
Posted in Creepiness
First dog watch, 4 bells (6:17 pm)

Yesterday I snapped a good one of some snowy trees:
snowy trees

I took some pictures last night as I was leaving the office to see how my new camera does in low-light conditions. See for yourself:

Snowy path

But wait! What is that in the center?? Can it be? It looks like—oh no!
maybe bigfoot?

Bigfoot walking

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Nasty Accident
Posted in Creepiness
First watch, 3 bells (9:44 pm)

On our way back from the Beermans, driving along Farm Road 1960 in Humble TX we hit some bad traffic, with tons of police cruisers with their lights on blocking the road. Turns out there was a really bad accident, some poor dude on a motorcycle bought the farm. Other than that, I have no details about what happened. I just saw the body covered in a white sheet.

It's a terrible thing to joke about, but that's how some people (like me) deal with things like this. I said something to the effect of That's something nobody wants to do just before Christmas. At least on accident."

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