Don’t Trust An Empty Garage
Afternoon watch, 3 bells (1:59 pm)

Growing up, we always had a ton of stuff in our garage. It's a sign of stability—who's going to move when they have tons of crap in their garage, really? I was driving to work yesterday morning when I passed a house that had the garage open, the owner was pulling a car out of it, and it was almost completely bare. No boxes, tools, storage areas, or anything. I don't think you can trust people that live like that.

I, for instance, have many things in my garage, and am highly trustworthy. I have two motorcycles, hand tools too numerous to mention, a radial arm saw, table saw, circular saws (you never know when you need three at the same time...), a backup UPS (unplugged), lots of sawdust, a table, a shelf that needs painting, an unassembled wood project, lots of CDs, a bunch of books, extension cords, monochrome monitors still new in the box, and probably a lot of spiders as well.

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Love Linux, Hate Distributions
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Afternoon watch, 7 bells (3:49 pm)

I frequently post about how I like things in Linux, but here's something I hate about it: distributions that don't work right. I've never found one that did, except for Linux From Scratch, which is completely DIY.

Anyway, my gripe today is Fedora, the Red Hat derivative project. The yum program is recommended for updating the system, and it gets updates just fine—quite rapidly, in fact. My problem is when it updates the kernel, it doesn't bother to get kernel modules like the nVidia openGL module. I like openGL capability in my X server. I like to keep it over reboots. Problem is they never install it, even when you upgrade the kernel.

Here is where I save the day! Whenever you run `yum update` and get a new kernel, and your OpenGL is gone when you reboot, just run this as root:
yum install kernel-module-nvidia-`uname -r`
(Note the backticks, they are not apostrophes!)

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Firefox, 50 Million and counting!
Forenoon watch, 8 bells (12:02 pm)

The guys over at Firefox just passed their 50,000,000th download! I wouldn't want to be their network provider 🙂

But seriously, way to go, guys! Thanks for giving the rest of us a choice.

I changed my other site for a tribute. Go check it out, and download Firefox so they give me one of their spiffy coins!

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WordPress in Trouble with Google
Afternoon watch, 6 bells (3:18 pm)

Well, looks like lots of people are talking about the blind content on the WordPress site (the blogging software I use). Poor Matt (the figurehead of WordPress) is getting crucified by the general public for taking advantage of the WordPress website's high page ranking to run some unseen ad content. Sure, he needs to make money and keep the development of the software, but I'd rather see legitimate ads or links at the bottom of the page than blind content masked by stylesheet tricks so the page looks different to search engines than it does to us normies. As for hosting GPL'd software projects? Come on, go get a SourceForge project set up. I'm sure they can handle whatever you throw at them.

So my opinion (if anyone cares) is what he did was okay (it's his website, after all), but the method he used was not cool. We're used to seeing ads, and will certainly tolerate them to help support free projects. Don't try to be sneaky, because when you get caught, you'll really regret it.

Sweet Revenge
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Afternoon watch, 4 bells (2:07 pm)

Well, for continually posting to my site, I now get to badmouth theirs. I have two of the top five links at Google if you search for mthmarketing, including number one. A few words about them? They suck.

This is how bad it's getting:
On March 19th, I had 203 POST attempts from (see the log)
On March 20th, I had 402 more POST attempts (see the log)
And on March 21st, I had 409 more POSTattempts (see the log)
I've had over 200 so far today, but they're all getting 403'd now (403 is Forbidden).

If you'd like to know how to stop mthmarketing from spamming your blog with comments, check out my new article about Stopping Blog Comment Spam.

In Conclusion

It's my opinion that nobody should do business with a company that puts their business profits over moral issues. What they do is wrong. If you are considering business with them, I strongly urge you to weigh how they get their results, and whether you really want your good name associated with them.

But don't just listen to me, search for them yourself. I'm not the only one that has noticed this problem. Let me help with the first one:
Uncommonplace - Blog.

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In Case You Were Wondering…
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Afternoon watch, 3 bells (1:34 pm)

My friend Ben posted an interesting formula in his blog:

Incidentally, the formula to determine whether or not to eat a bug is quite simple: if (amount self would be grossed out) < (amount other people will be grossed out) * (number of people), eat the bug.

Now I have to explain to my cow orkers why I'm laughing.

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New Office Toys
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Forenoon watch, 6 bells (11:01 am)

Yesterday I bought a new backup tape drive from Dell. They have the best prices on networking and server stuff that I've been able to find. I picked up a second LTO-2 Ultrium tape backup drive, they store 200Gb of uncompressed data per tape. We can fill a tape in 4 hours or so, pulling files from all across the network. They're awesome drives, and the tapes aren't too expensive (around $65 each right now). If you need a good tape backup drive with that kind of capacity, it's a great deal. You can get them for about $3800.

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Responses: Good or Bad?
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Afternoon watch, 8 bells (4:18 pm)

I added this category earlier this week, but didn't have the time to put in this entry, so I'm going to get it in right now.

I recently had this conversation with my fiancée where she told me that if something ever happened to her, she wants me know it'd be okay with her if I remarried. Now there are several ways to respond to a statement like that, I'll give a bad and a good example:

Bad: Cool!

Good: I would be devastated if that happened and never get over you.

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