Grace Darling by Heidi Talbot
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Afternoon watch, 8 bells (4:04 pm)

I was fortunate enough to get the lyrics to "Grace Darling" directly from Heidi Talbot, and since I've never seen the lyrics anywhere else, here's the song:

Well the ship it went down
In the darkest of hours
September as wild as the moon
Wrecked on the rocks of that
Old big harcar
Like a toy she was broken in two

Haul away Haul away
Dead for the light
At the edge of the world
Grace Darling Haul Away

But Grace knew the sea
like she knew her own heart
from the window of pharaohs she saw
that father and her they must
row by the lee
There were souls to be saved
from the yaw

They remember her still on
that Sunderland shore
they remember the lucky 13
She was lost to a fever before
she could know all the living
that she would've seen

There's a brewing storm in the
air tonight
I miss you more than you know
Somehow you were stolen away
by the waves
I never thought you would go

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