Fajita Spice Mix
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Tonight I made fajitas. I had vacuum-sealed and frozen some chicken with a cilantro and lime marinade a while back, so all we needed was some fresh onions and peppers. Anyway, I was looking for some extra spice and found a "fajita seasoning mix" but ended up not using it after perusing the ingredient list, which contained corn syrup solids (first on the list!), caramel color, and silicon dioxide (to stop clumping maybe?). Anyway, I didn't want to put that on my food, so I poked around the 'net after dinner and read several recipes before setting out and crafting one of my own. And here is the result:

Fajita Spice Mix
2 parts salt
2 parts pepper
4 parts paprika
4 parts oregano
1 part cayenne pepper, or more, to taste
4 parts garlic powder
2 parts celery salt
2 parts basil
1 part nutmeg
4 parts cumin
1 part marjoram
1 part thyme
1 part rosemary

Blend it all up in a mortar and pestle, then enjoy!

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