New Pink Floyd
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Afternoon watch, 4 bells (2:02 pm)

Today a new Pink Floyd album was released. I wasn't sure about how they could follow up Division Bell, which in my heart I believe to be a musically perfect experience (in the genre anyway). But my fears were unfounded, the new album is nothing short of beautiful. Mostly instrumental, there is so much feeling behind the music. It's also great to put on repeat in the background at work, which is where it will be playing for some time I imagine.

Oh yeah, I saw the surgeon again today. I'm not allowed out of my brace completely. I can take it off when I'm safe and in no danger of using my arm to catch myself or reflexively grab something. I can start to actively use my left biceps again, but only to lift my arm—nothing more. It will be another month before I can discard the brace permanently.

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