Of Pain and Recuperation
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First dog watch, 1 bell (4:37 pm)

Yesterday I had my last hydrocodone, the doctor wanted to switch me over to tramadol. Fortunately most of my pain is gone and it's only been nine days since my surgery. That is a big difference from my last surgery, at this point I was just getting off oxycodone and switching to hydros, which I stayed on for well over a month.

My worst pain right now is in my wrist, which I think is from the way my hand was locked in the palm-up position for eight days. It really hurts to move my thumb or even slightly rotate my hand. The rest of my fingers feel good. Except for the swelling. My entire arm is pretty swollen, down through my wrist, hand, and fingers.

Yesterday the doctor took my cast off and removed the suture that was still in my arm. If I'll even have a scar, it's going to be quite small—nothing like the Frankenscar on my ankle. I got a custom-fitted arm brace that locks my elbow at 90° but am able to move my wrist (with pain) and fingers more normally now. Physical therapy starts next Wednesday, where we will work on range of motion only.

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