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Forenoon watch, 5 bells (10:56 am)

So the physical therapy has been torture, but I'm feeling a difference. I've been four times now, and while I dread the bill (since I haven't met my deductible yet this year) I really feel like I've made progress. The swelling isn't much better, but I'm regaining some range-of-motion in my ankle and foot. I have some very specific exercises to work on for both strength and flexibility. I go back again next Monday which gives me some time to do more work on my own and see how I progress. Overall though, it's good. Working on the scar tissue itself is by far the most painful part of my visit (heck, it's the only painful part!) but I've been told it's important to get those nerves used to being worked on again. I hope I only need a few more visits, but either way the important thing is that I'm improving.

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