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I went to my first day of physical therapy today, over ten months after my achilles tendon surgery. I would not have gone at all (much to the chagrin of any physical therapist) since my doctor said it wasn't really necessary. After, walking on it is the best therapy!

Anyway, I am still dealing with swelling issues, which I'm told can continue well after a year post-surgery. Also I get extremely painful charley horses in my calf, just above the surgery scar. These cramps can last for 8-10 minutes sometimes, and they're brutal. They always come after I've overdone what I typically do in a day, most recently about ten days ago while I was in Portland (I got stuck in rush-hour traffic, my car has a manual transmission, then did some walking downtown). I thought these symptoms would be gone by now, but they seem to always be nearby, so I went back to see my doctor and ask about them.

Hence the referral to a physical therapist. He worked the heck out of my calf and foot and gave me some exercises to do until our next appointment (on Friday). I'm sore enough that I hope I don't get another bad cramp tonight…

Follow-up: No cramps, but a ton of soreness and pain around my scar. The therapist told me yesterday that the base of my tendon is about three times the size of the other one due to some scar tissue and swelling, so hopefully the exercises he gave me will help kickstart the healing process.


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  1. Laura says:

    I sure hope your situation improves. It seems like your injury has a much longer recovery time than mine. Continue to be strong. đŸ™‚

  2. Scurvy Jake says:

    Thanks Laura! My lower leg hurts quite a bit today, especially around the scar where the PT focused his work yesterday. I would much rather have broken a bone or two than what I've been through, but I didn't get to pick... I'm hopeful though that doing PT now will help me quickly improve until I'm back to full strength.

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