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Forenoon watch, 5 bells (10:56 am)

So the physical therapy has been torture, but I'm feeling a difference. I've been four times now, and while I dread the bill (since I haven't met my deductible yet this year) I really feel like I've made progress. The swelling isn't much better, but I'm regaining some range-of-motion in my ankle and foot. I have some very specific exercises to work on for both strength and flexibility. I go back again next Monday which gives me some time to do more work on my own and see how I progress. Overall though, it's good. Working on the scar tissue itself is by far the most painful part of my visit (heck, it's the only painful part!) but I've been told it's important to get those nerves used to being worked on again. I hope I only need a few more visits, but either way the important thing is that I'm improving.

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Taking Stock
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First dog watch, 3 bells (5:56 pm)

making pho

It's what's pho dinner!

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First dog watch, 1 bell (4:59 pm)

I went to my first day of physical therapy today, over ten months after my achilles tendon surgery. I would not have gone at all (much to the chagrin of any physical therapist) since my doctor said it wasn't really necessary. After, walking on it is the best therapy!

Anyway, I am still dealing with swelling issues, which I'm told can continue well after a year post-surgery. Also I get extremely painful charley horses in my calf, just above the surgery scar. These cramps can last for 8-10 minutes sometimes, and they're brutal. They always come after I've overdone what I typically do in a day, most recently about ten days ago while I was in Portland (I got stuck in rush-hour traffic, my car has a manual transmission, then did some walking downtown). I thought these symptoms would be gone by now, but they seem to always be nearby, so I went back to see my doctor and ask about them.

Hence the referral to a physical therapist. He worked the heck out of my calf and foot and gave me some exercises to do until our next appointment (on Friday). I'm sore enough that I hope I don't get another bad cramp tonight…

Follow-up: No cramps, but a ton of soreness and pain around my scar. The therapist told me yesterday that the base of my tendon is about three times the size of the other one due to some scar tissue and swelling, so hopefully the exercises he gave me will help kickstart the healing process.

Patch Notes for Goat Simulator
Forenoon watch, 3 bells (9:33 am)

These patch notes for Goat Simulator are hilarious.

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Slime Warner Cable
First watch, 4 bells (10:12 pm)

I've been fighting a Time Warner Internet connection issue all evening. This was my connection speed and latency. I'm supposed to get about 2Mb up (that seems to be normal), but my download should be 15-20Mb (I pay about $80/month for that. Non-US readers rejoice in your superior connection). I had to break down and call them, then go through all the asinine stuff they talk you through ("unplug the cable feed and touch the center connector to discharge any static electricity" like it's not lightning-grounded at the demarc.). In the end, they wanted to schedule a tech to come out on Thursday to take a look at it. Thursday!

We had an extended power outage this afternoon (about an hour) thanks to someone's tent. Routers, switches, etc don't do well when they don't have power. Or when it's interrupted.

I could almost hear the tech sigh when I told him I work in IT and troubleshot all my equipment. They probably hear that all the time from people that don't know much about networking. Still, I was polite and did everything they asked. I told them out of most of the area customers I would be one of the first to notice an issue like this. They still never believe me. It took them over a year to fix a reverse DNS issue they had in my area, I never could get to the right person to tell them what was going on.

I would have plugged my own spare cable modem in to try it, but their network won't allow traffic until someone programs the new device's MAC address into their system. (Why??)

Anyway, at the end of the phone call, nearly an hour later, the connection starts improving. All of a sudden My latency is down into the 20ms range and down-band is up to about 10Mb.

So I told the tech (who heartily agreed) that there was no point scheduling someone to come out 2 1/2 days from now to look at a connection problem that someone is probably working on right now (although their system showed no issues anywhere in my area!). I would monitor the connection and call back tomorrow if the speed was still slow. I have an open case now, which in theory should speed up the troubleshooting process.

Still, there are much more entertaining ways I could have spent my evening.

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