Lunar Eclipse Tonight
First dog watch, 3 bells (5:31 pm)

If you live in North America tonight you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to witness a total lunar eclipse!

Time	Description
9:53pm	Moon enters penumbra (pale part of Earth's shadow)
10:39	Penumbral shadow appears
10:58	Moon enters umbra (Earth's dark shadow)
11:49	75% coverage
12:01	Near totality – this is where you really want to pay attention
12:06	Total eclipse begins – once this happens, the rest is the same but backwards
12:46	Middle of totality
1:24	Total eclipse ends
1:41	75% coverage
2:33	Moon leaves umbra
2:53	Penumbra shadow fades
3:37	Moon leaves penumbra

Here is an album from a total eclipse in 2008. I took those pictures with a digital camera through my old telescope.

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