Bad furnace
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Forenoon watch, 3 bells (9:52 am)

I've been fighting an intermittent problem with my furnace for several months now, most of the time shutting it off and turning it back on has done the trick (just like a computer). However, last night no matter how many resets I did it would not light, or if it did it would not stay lit. It would end up recycling the air without heating it until I shut it off again. Frustrating.

I have a HVAC guy here now looking at it, and he says it sounds like a spark valve problem but couldn't get it to reproduce the issue. Of course. But whet he tapped an the valve it immediately shut the flame off and then he said that's the problem. Now I'm just waiting for the bad news (in a 55 degree house) of how much a replacement valve will cost.

$460 dollars later and I have a warm house again. Why is a spark valve so expensive??

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