Late-night Noise
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Afternoon watch, 3 bells (1:39 pm)

A noise woke me up at 3:45am this morning. This is not unusual as I am an extremely light sleeper, sometimes the refrigerator's compressor coming on will wake me all the way from the kitchen to my bedroom. But it was a different noise, and I was quickly worried something was not right.

I have a nagging fear that some of the lowbrow neighbors behind my house will try to break in and steal things. So I peek out a back window and see light in my garage. So I grabbed my .40 Sig-Sauer and my phone and went to check it out. This is where I say I'm glad I own a gun and feel safe looking around my own house without having to call the cops first.

So anyway I go downstairs and see that the garage light is on but everything is okay, it looked like Lorien was in there and forgot to turn it off. The noise I heard was probably a cat knocking something over, as is their wont to do. I decided not to shoot the cat.

This is exactly why I own firearms: to protect my home and family. I'm all for better background checks and private sale regulation, but you cannot have, nor will you ever relieve me of, my guns.

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