A Month, Really?
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First dog watch, 1 bell (4:40 pm)

Wow has it been a month since I posted here? I guess not much has gone on lately. I've been super busy at work focusing on software development, and have spent a lot of my evenings studying for my Ham Radio license. Last Saturday, (June 11 2011) I passed the element 2 and element 3 tests (Technician and General level tests), and missed the Extra test by 10 questions. So late this week I expect to get my call sign from the FCC.

Lorien's older sister is here with her kids for a good part of the summer, back from Indonesia. They brought us some pretty amazing stick cinnamon, I'll have to post a picture. Each stick is at least two feet long!

I am thinking about helping out on a "field day" station answering CQs from all over the country next week, the station will be open for 24 hours so they need a lot of operators to listen and respond.

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