First watch, 4 bells (10:12 pm)

I've been blogtarded lately and haven't written anything for quite a while. I guess Twitter has filled what little output needs I've had lately.

Work has been busy—very busy. I'm behind on projects because other things come up. My backup system at the office died and I've got a lot of new equipment in to replace the old system. Having chosen to upgrade instead of replace hardware (it was five years old), I had several other peripheral systems that needed upgrading as well. Because my new LTO-5 tape drive has a SAS connection, I had to get a new server that supported SAS. And because I needed a new server, I had to move all the data storage to the new server, but the old storage was Ultra320 SCSI. So I had to buy a new storage vault. It uses iSCSI, which is some very cool tech: it's a network block protocol, and connects to my server via gigabit CAT5e. And since I was replacing just about everything, it was time to upgrade my backup software, too.

I've only today got things working and have high confidence that I will have a full, clean backup tonight.

Hopefully this means I can concentrate on getting my other work finished now.

On a side note, Lorien and I have memberships at the Cd'A Kroc Center and I'm committing myself to work out there every weeknight. You can catch me there starting around 8pm. It's a really nice place, and we're excited to have a plan to get fit together.

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