Robert Howard’s Conan
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This short passage from Robert E. Howard's The Jewels of Gwahlur (one of his Conan short stories) continues to crack me up:

And, oh, by the way, they took off Zargheba's head and hung it up in a thicket." She shivered, yet at the same time breathed a sigh of relief. "He'll never whip me again." "Not this side of Hell," agreed Conan.

I love how Conan oh-so-nonchalantly implies the girl is going to hell. And that she will be whipped by him again.


4 Responses to “Robert Howard’s Conan”

  1. Taranaich says:

    Yup, that's about the long and short of it. Of course, seeing as this is set millennia before the dawn of any modern religion, it's arguable exactly what Hell in the Hyborian Age actually is, but hey.

  2. Scurvy Jake says:

    Good point. Given that daily life seems to contain bloody sneak attacks, poisonings, naked sacrifices, etc I can't imagine what their hell must be like…

  3. Garth says:

    I take it the girl being referred to is Muriela the Corinthian dancing girl once the ancient Princess.

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