House Work
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First dog watch, 1 bell (4:31 pm)

I've been working on my downstairs project for most of the day. I figure I put in about seven hours today, mostly installing insulation between the upper and lower floors to keep noise from traveling between the rooms. My kitchen is over the downstairs bedroom, and the family room is above the library. I also finished some electrical wiring (a project I was putting off because it was so nasty difficult to get 12/3 around a 90° corner boxed in by 2x4s on every side. All that work just to have a light in the bedroom closet…

I also nailed in some 2x6s along the bottom plate in the bathroom around the shower so I have a place against which to put the concrete for the custom shower pan, one of the next projects on the list.

Finally, at this point, I can start installing drywall. Or plywood—in the library ceiling—because I'm putting brass tiles on the library ceiling. I have quite a few things to work around, but as I start putting drywall up I'll be clearing space out of my garage, so it works out perfectly. Right now, though, I'm sore, hungry, and thirsty.

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