Sourdough Starter Feeding
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I've used this exact method to get a dormant starter going so well that it nearly triples when I refresh it. If this doesn't get your starter up and running like crazy, then there's no saving it!

Warm up 1 cup of water about 20 seconds in the microwave. It should be warm, but not hot. Too much heat will kill your starter. If it's too hot for you it's too hot for your starter.

Add 1 cup of your starter to the water and whisk until uniform. Discard the rest of the starter if it's dormant. If it's really active, use it!

Put 1 1/2 cups of flour in a bowl with the starter and whisk until combined. It's okay if there are some small chunks of flour, but you want it as well-combined as possible.

Cover with plastic wrap and keep it out on your counter. If you have a warm sunny spot, that's even better, but it'll work at room temperature.

Repeat this process in the morning and in the late afternoon/evening for 3 days.

Once it's really active, you should refresh it every 2 days or so if you keep it out. If you refrigerate it, it should keep indefinitely.


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  1. Mae says:

    Had to throw out my last starter and just got a new one a few days ago from someone. (They only use it for waffles and feed it with milk...) I've been feeding it to pep it up but the loaves of KAF Extra tangy sourdough I made tonight were about 1.5" tall and took 10+ hours to get there (not including yesterday's 6 hour initial soak and subsequent fridge time). The texture isn't the best but the flavor is pretty good! I had gotten to an ok place with my last starter but I'm about ready to chuck this one and buy a legitimate one from KAF or another source. What have been your favorite? I've done a lot of research on sourdough in the past year and would someday like to start my own but right now with a toddler I don't think I can be dedicated enough to feed it twice a day for 30 days straight. I've been meaning to pick your brain regarding this and finally got around to it here. Thanks in advance!

  2. Scurvy Jake says:

    I have a started that my uncle gave me that I like the most, it's a Giza culture. I bought one dried and rehydrated it, but I don't like the taste as much as the Giza culture. It's really up to you, though. Find one you like and stick with it is what I say. When you have one and won't use it for a while, put it in an airtight container in the fridge. It will go dormant and keep for virtually ever. You may get a layer of "hooch" (gray or dark watery substance) form on the top when it's dormant–that's fine, just stir it back in. It's basically alcohol from the yeast, and contributes to the flavor.

    You don't have to feed it twice daily for 30 days, just 3 days. And that's only to get it refreshed after it's been dormant. If it's not bubbling like mad after the 3-day treatment, it's dead. Once it's up to snuff though you can feed it every two days or so. If you are going to wait longer then put it in the fridge.

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