Not Writing Much
Forenoon watch, 3 bells (9:57 am)

I've not been writing much lately, the mild winter has combined with the warm spring to produce unholy amounts of pollen. Even a walk from my car into my office makes me suffer.

Every time I run my dishwasher I've seen water leaking out from beneath it, so I took it out yesterday after work to examine it. Except for the connection to the hot water (under the sink) everything looks fine. I ran it through a cycle while empty to see if I could find where the leak comes from and it didn't leak at all! Now I'm really confused. The time previous it leaked a gallon (I'm not exaggerating) on to the floor. I suspect there is an issue with the hot water hookup, but didn't see near so much water leak out this time. I'm going to run it again tonight if I have time. My in-laws' computer is acting up again.

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