RIP Imbris the ISP
Forenoon watch, 4 bells (10:13 am)

My local ISP, Imbris (don't bother clicking, their site is down, too!) is offline. For the second time in just over two weeks.

Their office is locked up and dark. If you call their sales department, you get sent to a voicemail box that is full and will accept no more messages.

After the previous outage (which spanned around 36 hours), there wasn't a peep from the company about what went down. No apologies, no notes on their website, nothing. At that point, I started researching alternatives. I'm all for supporting local businesses and the "little guys," but this is ridiculous. I've used Imbris for as long as I've had an Internet connection. In the old (Nidlink) days, they provided dialup and a UNIX shell for each of their users (those were some fun times).

But I'm through with the outages. I'm through with them not paying their bills when they bill me regularly for mine. One time I could forgive, although I was quite upset there was no follow-up. If their first outage didn't cause them to lose most of their business, this one will. I've already ordered alternate service, and recommend anyone else to do the same.

Goodbye, Imbris, may you Route In Peace. Or not. I don't care anymore.

Nice Website, Retards
Forenoon watch, 3 bells (9:54 am)

I hate local news. TV, newspaper, whatever. But more than anything else, this is what bothers me:

Spokesman Review website ad fail

Nice job, Spokesman Review. This is what your site looks like in my browser.

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