The Starfighters
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Next up, The Starfighters! Guess what? It has nothing to do about fighting in the stars. Or anything remotely science fiction.

This movie was a 1960's advertisement to be an Air Force pilot. It was the 60's' version of that awful movie Top Gun. Except there was no combat. Yes! No combat! This movie was all about flying jets around, and had long (really long) refueling scenes. Seriously, there was next to no content in this travesty of film-making. There was a teacher, and a couple of pilot trainees. They flew some training missions. One guy crashed once because of a storm. One trainee's dad was a senator that wanted him to fly something other than jets. Did I mention the airborne refueling? They did lots of that. Then they got dispatched to Europe! Then the movie was over. Seriously, no action at all, unless you count the chaperoned make-out session in the front seat of a convertible.

In all honesty, I can only rate this movie an entire empty theater of seats. Seriously, somebody spent real money making this crap! Unbelievable!

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