Last of the Wild Horses
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Last dog watch, 3 bells (7:31 pm)

I watched Last of the Wild Horses the other day, since I was sick at home. In fact, I watched seven episodes and you're going to hear about them all. I know, I never shut up…

So anyway, it's a western. The odd thing about this movie is that, during the opening host sequence, Dr. F and TV's Frank send a "matter transference" device up to the SOL during an ion storm and cause a dimensional swap—now there are evil, alternate versions of Mike, the bots, etc (ala Star Trek) and the Mad Scientists are on the SOL watching and riffing the first part of the movie. What I remember most is probably all the gay cowboy jokes. They were many.

There were two girls in the film, and I kept getting them mixed up. Typical of a bad film, but still, I was confused a lot. There was at least one comedy relief guy, and scenes of horses running around. Not so memorable, really. Certainly nothing science fiction-y, except for the alternate evil twin parts of the host segment.

I give this movie two empty seats, one for each of the women in this film that I could never really tell apart.

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