The Violent Years
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Afternoon watch, 4 bells (2:15 pm)

Season Six, Episode Ten ladies and gentlemen! Directed by the one and only Ed Wood! It's The Violent Years starring young out-of-control girls on a rampage!

Paula, the daughter of a newspaper editor has everything she ever wanted, except the attention of her parents. Somehow this young girl that gets a new convertible every year decides her life sucks and goes out with her three girlfriends in search of adventure with guns. They rob gas stations, albeit somewhat slowly, and trash a school classroom. They throw pajama parties and invite boys! They shoot at cops when they get caught! They all die except Paula, who gets sentenced to life in prison, where she has her baby out of wedlock!

And to top it off, when her parents try to adopt Paula's baby girl, the judge denies them because they raised Paula so poorly. He even recommends they get some religion! I have to give this movie two unloved, neglected seats: one for Paula and one for her baby that must grow up a ward of the state until adequate parents are found.

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