The Missing Logic Link
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Afternoon watch, 6 bells (3:18 pm)

For weeks now I've been trying to solve a Cisco router issue for my boss. I've opened tickets with their support staff (in India, by the way) and had many email and phone conversations trying to resolve a network issue. Over the last few weeks we've tried many different configurations and firmware versions on the device.

Originally, we determined a single device (there are four routers involved), the final endpoint, was to blame. We know this because if we replaced it with another cheap off-the-shelf home (wireless) router it worked fine.

Cisco technicians confirmed errors in their 12.4-21(a)JA1 firmware that would cause the behavior we are witnessing. So we downgraded the router. Unfortunately, during our troubleshooting, two intermediate routers were upgraded to the 12.4-21(a)JA1 firmware as well. The result was that our endpoint wireless router, despite having the "correct" firmware now, was still exhibiting the same problem as before, but now for a different reason.

Once we realized this, all the odd problems fit together in one beautiful logical grid. This network issue has been a right bugger, and nothing up until now has made much sense. It's offsite, though, and I won't know for sure if this is the solution until later, but my confidence has never been higher.

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