Hardware Failure
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Middle watch, 2 bells (1:02 am)

This evening while I was out having dinner with some friends, my phone battery died, and so did a key piece of hardware my company relies on. Because my phone went offline, I was not automatically notified about this problem, and the first I knew of it was one of my coworkers waiting for me on my porch when I got home. I was quickly filled in on the problem, and checked my phone to see why I didn't get notified and realized that it was dead, too.

Fortunately, others were able to troubleshoot and solve 95% of the problem before I even got involved! This is a big step, and as much as I hate not being involved, a year ago this problem would have sat unmoving until I fixed it myself. It's great to have redundancy!

Now I just have to dig through these log files and find out why a few services didn't start up as they should…

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