Off Armageddon Reef by David Weber
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First dog watch, 2 bells (5:02 pm)

I tried to like this book. I really did.

I stopped reading it around page 120 because I ran across the third case of the author using then instead of than. It completely took me away from the story each time it happened, and by the third time I was done.

How an author, and a popular one, can get away with such sloppy work is beyond me. I wonder if anyone even looks at his work. Certainly neither he nor his editor use a proofreader, not to mention the fact that the editor couldn't have read the book without uncovering the problem.

There was another error, but it was a simple typo: the word everything was spelled wrong. Even a spellchecker would have caught that error!

I give this book 0 stars for failures on many levels. The publisher should have caught the errors. A spellchecker should have been run. The author shouldn't have made the mistake in the first place.

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