Tons of Progress
Posted in MUD Development
Morning watch, 8 bells (8:06 am)

I've had a lot of time here in Portland, especially in the mornings when nobody else is up, to work on my MUD project. I converted it to use YAML to load and save everything, and the issue that caused me to have to choose a structured language, the inability to show relationships between deeply nested containers is now fixed. I also rewrote the login process to use dynamic handlers depending on the login state you're in (thanks Jeff!).

I know I'm on the right track, because in nearly every case, the code changes were smaller than the original code. So far, that's always been a good sign for me.

The best part is now I have loadable and saveable objects all working, and I can continue to build the rest of the functionality to complete the MUD and make it playable. Thank goodness for lazy vacations!

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