Zones and Zone Maps!
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First watch, 2 bells (9:16 pm)

This is a red letter day for the MUD I've been working on forever. Today, I have finished implementing and testing a map function. A map is generated based on a radius around the player's current location. Optionally, and by default, the map will also have a context-sensitive key explaining the surrounding terrain. But a picture is worth a thousand words…

MUD map #1

And here is a second example:

MUD map #2

So there are 2,000 words for you. I'm totally excited! The World Map I have is 180x90, which comes out to 16,200 "rooms" in the world. Each zone, like the world, lives in a directory, and can contain an optional map, map key, weather map, and weather map key. There is another subdirectory for all the room save files that make up the zone.

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