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Afternoon watch, 8 bells (4:24 pm)

Today was a fairly quiet day, as far as the job goes. I'm working on fixing a problem with a printer dialog box uncovered last week. Among my normal tasks, I also had a special one: buy three A/V cables for my boss. He left town this morning to attend a trade show in San Francisco and didn't have time to find the cables he needed. At home. For his TV. Now don't get me wrong, I didn't mind at all. He pays me, and I'm happy to help out. Happy to be trusted to get things done. But there were two special conditions: cables must be at least 25 feet long, and they absolutely must be at his house by Thursday at the latest.

This meant checking out local stores first. Want to venture a guess as to how much Best Buy wants for a 30 foot HDMI cable? No, you really don't—$200! For 25 foot RCA component? $89! Wow!!

So I did what anybody would do, went online. Prices are much more reasonable, but you never know when they're going to ship. Amazon would have been great, but the way their partners work you don't even always have the option to overnight ship. Anyway, I ended up calling a contact I have at PCConnection, who got me all three cables (two 35 foot RCA and one 35 foot HDMI) for $181, including overnight shipping. And a guarantee that they would go out same day because I called early enough.

So, aside from IT Manager, Refrigerator Installer, and the many other titles I hold (or, more precisely, have been held to) I now get to add Cable Gopher. Woohoo!

Lesson learned? Never be in immediate need of a cable like that. It will cost you dearly.

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