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First watch, 1 bell (8:53 pm)

Today and yesterday I've had the chance to chat both in 中文 and in English with a couple of old friends in Taiwan. I'm surprised I haven't forgotten much Chinese over the years. I mean, I try to keep up with it sometimes, but it's not like I get the chance to speak very often. By all rights, I should have forgotten more than I have. I can still type in Chinese (I use the 注音 method with the 倚天 layout). The soft keyboard looks like this:

Eten (sic) keyboard in Vista

I memorized it when I was living in China in 1997 and typing all the time. Somehow, 12 years later, I still know where all the keys are. Typing in zhuyin is nice for me, because it solidifies my knowledge of the correct sounds and tones. Typing is also (IMHO) somewhat easier than using a Chinese dictionary. Ask me about that some time, it takes a little explaining.

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