Oh The Smell!
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First watch, 7 bells (11:38 pm)

This just came out of my oven. It's loaf of sour dough bread, and it smells so good!

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Still Have Internet
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First watch, 6 bells (11:20 pm)

I got home tonight fully expecting to have no internet connection, yet I discovered that it is still working. Early today I called Verizon and had my phone and DSL service terminated. When I talked to the service agent on the phone, she said "wow, you are paying a lot for that single phone line, should I see if I can get you a better price on it?" I told her no, just cancel the whole darn thing.

I despise "services" that you have to regularly call in and complain about so you can keep some introductory price. If you can't give me your best price all the time, I'm going somewhere else, plain and simple. My local ISP will set up a new, standalone DSL connection that is six times faster than what I currently have, plus it's $60 less per month!

I just hope that it doesn't take too long to get switched over. I'm so tired of dealing with this crap. It's been over two months now.

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Instant Noodles
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Afternoon watch, 6 bells (3:12 pm)

I've had a lot going on today, and just haven't gotten around to eating lunch. Jeff, one of my cow-orkers, gave me some instant noodles. They're "A Taste of Thai" Peanut noodles. I'm picturing Ellie cringing now, but honestly they weren't that bad. I've had some pretty bad (eg Top Ramen) noodles in my life, but these were far from bad and had a nice flavor. I'm going to have to track down where Jeff got them and buy some more for days like this…

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