The New Refrigerator
First watch, 4 bells (10:19 pm)

Well our new fridge is looking pretty good. We had a heck of a time getting it in place, but it's totally been worth it. First off, my dad and I drove to Spokane to the Whirlpool rep to pick it up. Due to road construction and a GPS that was giving us bad information, we had a little trouble finding the place. Getting it back to Post Falls wasn't very hard, nor was getting it off the truck. My brother Wesley came over and helped.

The first challenge was getting it up the outside steps. Wesley picked up a furniture dolly and that problem was fixed right up. The next issue was the front door—the refrigerator wouldn't fit through my front door! We ended up having to take the doors off of it so it would fit in the house! Getting the fridge up the stairs was a piece of cake, though. When I had the house built, I made the stairs 48" wide. Even after you take off space for the drywall and the handrail, I still have plenty of room to walk the fridge right up. The only problem there was it weighed 350 pounds. But between the two of us (Wesley and I) we manhandled it up. When I hit the top of the stairs, he had to split, but I didn't need any more help. I put the doors back on and wheeled the fridge into place.

Right where I encountered the next obstacle. The wall cabinet above the refrigerator space has a faceplate that drops 1.5" down from the bottom of the cabinet. The refrigerator was 1/4" too tall, so I had to plane off some of the cabinet trim. No big deal, I actually ended up using a belt sander. It made a lot of dust. Finally, everything came together, and the fridge is in place.

It's a stainless steel Whirlpool Gold 25 cubic foot with french doors and a bottom drawer freezer and ice-maker. No water or ice dispenser in the door (I'm not a big fan of those, and neither is Lorien). It's super energy-efficient, it uses less energy than a 60-watt light bulb. This isn't the exact model we got, but it's real similar (the one we have has 1' larger fridge space and 1' smaller freezer).

It sure is nice to have a way to keep things cold again. Living nearly a month without a refrigerator wasn't a lot of fun. We ended up buying a lot of groceries today so we could start filling it up again. You can see a picture of my new fridge (on my driveway) here.