Last Night On Earth, The Zombie Game
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Afternoon watch, 5 bells (2:34 pm)

Wednesday night my youngest brother Wesley came over and we (he, Lorien, and I) played Last Night On Earth, The Zombie Game. Although it can be a 2-player game, I suspect it's a bit more playable with more than two people. It supports up to six.

This game is pretty incredible, it even comes with its own CD soundtrack! The game board is made of several pieces, four randomly chosen and one central piece, which introduces a nice variance to the game. There are always two sides to this game, the survivors and the zombies, with at least one player controlling each side.

The cards are very high quality, and real actors were photographed for the content. There are numerous (14) zombie pieces, and eight human pieces. There are many assorted counters and special tokens as well.

To help get the hang of the game, we started with the basic scenario, "Die, Zombies, Die!" The goal is to kill enough zombies before the sun sets. The combat sounded a little confusing at first, but it's really not very hard to learn. The tough part can be getting a weapon to help you kill the zombies. With luck, searching through an empty building will yield a useful weapon (like the chainsaw!), but not always.

Lorien and I managed to defeat Wesley's zombie horde with about two turns to spare before sundown. Having the basic game down made it easy to jump into the next scenario we chose, "Defend the Manor House." This time our goal was to stop nine zombies from entering the Manor House (it's on the back of the town center board) before it was too late. At one point, we nearly lost the game: there were eight zombies inside, and several more only a step away. Fortunately, the stranger Jake got some gasoline and a lighter and was able to torch six of the zombies, but unluckily, he was caught in the fire and killed. He died helping the rest of the survivors, and at least he got to have his "last night on Earth" (a Zombie card event) with Jenny the farm girl before his noble sacrifice.

In all, it was a really fun game, and I'm quite glad I have added it to my board game collection. If you can't find it at your friendly local game store, check out Flying Frog Productions' website and buy it online!