Munchkin Death!
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Afternoon watch, 8 bells (4:29 pm)

Today at lunch we played Munchkin Booty (Susan won). I would have won, had I not encountered a level 50 jellyfish!

I was at level 9 (you win when you hit level 10), so I would have won had I not got clobbered by cards.

In the fray were the following:

Ergo, ((5+4+3)x2)x2 = 48, plus 2 for the Jellyfish's original rating. A level 50 Jellyfish! Holy Carp! See the evil hand here (insert obligatory crappy iPhone camera disclosure here).

Fortunately I rolled a 5 and ran away! Ha!

PS If you don't know about Munchkin, I highly recommend it as a great card game to play with friends.

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