Village of the Giants
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Morning watch, 5 bells (6:42 am)

Last night I watched Village of the Giants, another Bert I. Gordon stinker of a 1960's film. It also starred Tommy Kirk, if you could call that "starring."

The movie is about Kirk's younger, nerdy brother, who invents a substance that makes anything ingesting it grow five or six times normal size. When their giant ducks invade a local disco and shake it like there's no tomorrow, a gang of hooligans become interested and steal the remaining compound from Tommy's house. They then ingest it themselves and grow gigantic. The now thirty-foot-tall gang terrorizes the local police and begin to get their way. Tommy's nerdy brother invents an antidote (accidentally), solving their giant hooligan problem once and for all.

I give this movie two empty seats, one for each giant duck that was roasted.

Somehow they credit H. G. Wells for writing, I'm not familiar with all his stories, but somehow I doubt he wrote more than one or two percent of this storyline.

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