The Dead Talk Back
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The Dead Talk Back is a movie that had never seen the light of day after it was filmed. It was found many years later and licensed for release, probably made most popular by MST3K.

This movie had a decent storyline, if you ignore the pseudo-science mumbo-jumbo. It's about a detective solving the murder of a young woman in a boarding house in San Francisco. He enlists the help of a scientist working on a radio to talk to the dead. They eventually ferret out the murder by pretending the whole thing is working when we fingd out it was all a hoax, and even the girl was still alive. It was interesting, because the whole time you are led to believe it's all real, but the scientist was just helping the police smoke out the guilty party.

I give this movie 36 empty seats, for the number of years it sat in a can waiting to be discovered. Hollywood budgets way worse films nowadays, this should have gotten a little more limelight.

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