Teen-Age Crime Wave
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First watch, 3 bells (9:58 pm)

I just finished watching Teen-Age Crime Wave, a 1950's movie with a moral: don't be a hooligan or else you'll turn out like this.

It's about a girl that gets thrown in jail and her cell-mate's boyfriend breaks them out, but her "friends" are much more hard-core than she is. They murder several people throughout the movie, and hole up in a farmhouse, taking its old couple owners hostage. The cops eventually track them down, and the movie ends in a long chase up to the same observatory so many other movies end up at down by Los Angeles.

I give this movie two empty seats, one for the inquisitive neighbor and one for the "badgirl" that came clean in the end.

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Santa Claus
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Last dog watch, 8 bells (8:10 pm)

I watched Santa Claus earlier today. This movie was all kinds of wrong. To start, Santa doesn't live at the North Pole, he orbits the Earth directly above the North Pole. He also has children from every country living with him, where they sing their ethnic songs for him. Merlin also lives with Santa. Yes, that Merlin.

Santa is opposed by the Devil, who tries to entice children to do bad things and plays tricks on Santa. Like stealing the magic flower that lets Santa disappear.

This movie was wacky and weird, exactly like MST3K likes to make fun of. I give it 666 empty seats for all the evil Santa opposes.

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-03
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First watch, 8 bells (12:03 am)
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