The Atomic Brain
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Forenoon watch, 8 bells (12:04 pm)

This morning I watched The Atomic Brain, an 1960's thriller about a rich old woman who pays for a scientists' research on transplanting brains. After successfully transplanting some animal brains into human bodies, the old woman wants him to put her brain in the body of a young woman. Three young women are tricked in to staying with the old woman so she can pick out the best one for herself. Everybody starts to realize that when the old woman gets what she wants, she'll have no further use for them, so the scientist saves the targeted young woman (to whom the old woman left her entire fortune in preparation for the operation) and puts the old bag's brain in a cat. I have no idea how it fit, unless your brain shrinks with age like an old lady's body. The old woman kills the scientist using her cat-body, but the young woman escapes.

To sum it up, this had a much better storyline than the average MST3K movie, and it had some great riffs, too. I give this movie four empty seats, one for each of the kidnapped women and one for the poor cat that had its brains scooped out.

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