The Brain That Wouldn’t Die
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Afternoon watch, 8 bells (4:00 pm)

Yesterday I watched The Brain That Wouldn't Die, which had a different title at the end of the movie.

This movie is one I've seen several times before, since I've had it on VHS for many years. It's nice to have it on DVD now.

Anyway, it's about a doctor that has been experimenting with limb transplanting on human subjects. On his way with his fiancee to his country laboratory, he gets in an accident and his fiancee dies. He lops her head off and carries it back to the lab in his coat, where he uses his technology to save her brain. It sits in a pan where she begs for him to let her die. I don't know where her vocal cords got their air from. She goes crazy, and befriends a hideous, previously failed experiment and gets him to kill the doctor and his assistant. The lab burns down and she dies. The end.

I give this movie one empty, unscientific seat, for not explaining how she could talk.

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