The Painted Hills
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Last dog watch, 1 bell (6:46 pm)

As I'm lying on the couch waiting for a nice afternoon nap, I put on The Painted Hills, a Lassie movie starring "Pal as Lassie as Shep." That's a talented collie, playing two parts at the same time.

This movie is about an old prospector, a young boy named "Tommy" (not Timmy), and a friend or two. The friend goes gold crazy and kills the old prospector, Pal as Lassie as Shep goes after him for revenge. It also stars a holy-rolling Christian prospector that provided the eulogy.

I give this movie fifteen empty seats, five for each of the three Indians they had in the movie spouting gibberish pretending to be some kind of language. At least that's what it sounded like me.

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